Top tips for looking after your sunglasses

There’s nothing that symbolises summer quite like a pair of sunglasses, but whichever style you choose, not looking after them properly could leave you shopping for replacements more often than you’d like. 

At OTIS, we know a thing or two about lenses and looking after eyewear, so without further ado, and before the British summer is over, here are our top tips for looking after your sunglasses.

  1. Prevent scratches

One of the best ways to stop your sunglasses from getting scratched is to choose lenses that are made from scratch-resistant material.  Our OTIS eyewear range features lenses made with naturally sourced mineral glass, which is the most scratch resistant lens material on the planet!  Created from natural elements including sand and soda ash, mineral glass is twice as strong as standard glass and highly resistant to scratches – making it the ideal material for your much loved and frequently worn sunglasses.

  1. Keep them off the top of your head

Whilst it might feel like a naturally good resting place for your sunglasses, the top of your head is actually a very precarious spot for your eyewear.  Not only do you stretch the arms pushing your glasses up your head, but you can also damage the nose grips.  Worse still, if you forget they are there you risk knocking or dropping them, which could break your glasses beyond repair.  If you want to look cool, keep your glasses on your face and save the top of your head for hat wearing.

  1. Keep them clean

You’re on the beach, your sunglasses get splashed with sea water, so you reach to clean them with your shirt…stop! This might seem like the handiest and quickest option, but the fibres in your clothing could scratch your lenses, even if you have opted for the most durable lens material.  Instead we recommend cleaning with a proper glasses cleaning cloth – most likely made with microfibre – which is designed to remove dirt and smudges without scratching. Keep a cloth in your glasses case, so a splash or two doesn’t spoil your fun.

On the subject of cleaning, you might not realise but there is actually a science to doing this effectively.  Using your cleaning cloth, start with the arms and frames and work your way towards the lenses.  The nose bridge and grips should be the last area you clean, since these come into most contact with your skin, which contains natural oils that could smudge across the lenses if cleaned first.

The only liquid you ever really want to get on your sunglasses is water, but we all know that spills and splashes are unavoidable so if you do get sea water, sun lotion or anything else on your glasses, rinse them in lukewarm water and dry with a clean, lint-free towel or microfibre cloth.  Avoid using any other cleaning substances on your sunglasses as these may taint or damage the frames or lenses.

Remembering these top tips will help you to look after your glasses and enjoy them all year round. So, you can follow the sun, with your favourite pair of sunglasses ready!

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