Why choose Mineral Glass sunglasses?

OTIS Eyewear is committed to the use of Mineral Glass in all of our products, a natural and environmentally friendly material ideally suited for creating stylish and highly functional sunglasses.

Here we look at the inherent qualities that make Mineral Glass perfect for creating the lenses used in our range of sunglasses, and the value this brings to our customers. 


Created from natural elements such as sand and soda ash, Mineral Glass is 100% recyclable and has no ecological or environmental side effects. This makes it an ideal eco-friendly option for creating lenses for sunglasses and the perfect alternative to synthetic materials such as polycarbonates.  

Optical performance

Put plainly, Mineral Glass lenses provide the most optically efficient and distortion-free vision of any known lens material. This means that sunglasses created with mineral glass lenses require no costly additional treatments such as layering or coating in order to enhance performance.


All OTIS fixed-tint mineral glass lenses block 100% of harmful UVA, UVB and HEV light to provide superior protection from solar damage causing intraocular melanoma and macular degeneration, as well as reducing eye fatigue and reducing the visible signs of aging, while maintaining true color and depth perception.


Mineral glass has a natural rigidity that ensures its manufactured shape is maintained and that the lens will not distort within the frame. This makes it far more resistant to breakage than plastic which will flex more easily under stress and offer an inferior level of durability.

Scratch Resistance

Although mineral glass is susceptible to scratching under extreme pressure, it benefits from inherent qualities that make it very difficult to scratch. This means sunglasses manufactured using mineral glass will not require additional protective coatings to improve scratch-resistance.

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OTIS was established to provide a unique point of difference in the eyewear market; a premium product that transcends the boundaries between style, durability and technical excellence.

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