Why You Need to Wear Sunglasses in Winter

Our eyes can be very sensitive, especially in harsh weather conditions, so it is worth remembering that sunglasses can serve a year-round purpose. Wearing sunglasses throughout the winter will help to protect your eyes from harsh UV rays.

In addition, sunglasses will shield your eyes from extreme brightness and winter wind. This will help you to gain much clearer vision in bright conditions and will protect the skin surrounding your eyes.

Reduced Glare

Snow, ice and water can all reflect the winter sun, which often results in distracting glares. In fact, snow alone can reflect 85% of UV rays from the sun, into our eyes. This could pose a health and safety hazard if it distracts you while driving or participating in sporting activities. It can also put you at risk of snow blindness, which is when your cornea gets sunburnt. To keep your eyes protected you should wear high quality sunglasses, which will help to minimise glare.

Winter Wind

During the colder season, wind, snow and ice can cause dry eyes. To avoid irritated and red eyes, wearing sunglasses can reduce the amount of moisture evaporating from your eye’s surface. This also helps your contact lenses from drying out too.

In addition, sunglasses can be an effective barrier against dust and debris being blown into your eyes, causing corneal abrasions.

Soothing Headaches

To limit how much light can reach your retina, your pupils change their dilation to allow more or less light in. So, when it is extremely bright during the winter, your pupils struggle to contract to allow less light in. Most often, this will encourage you to squint which often results in eyestrain or headaches.

Wearing sunglasses during these times of extreme brightness can create a barrier, to block so much light reaching your retina and therefore reducing your risk of headaches.


Wearing sunglasses during the winter purely as a fashion statement is a very love or hate topic. One fashion icon who loves wearing sunglasses regardless of the weather is Vogue’s Editor-in-Chief, Anna Wintour. As well as framing your face, sunglasses can be the final piece to complete an outfit and add a sense of mystery.

Find Your Winter Sunglasses with OTIS

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