OTIS Eyewear is constructed using the highest quality materials available. Each component of our sunglasses is individually quality checked before being carefully packaged and sent to you. 

What's Covered Under Warranty With My OTIS Eyewear?

Our Lifetime Warranty covers you against defects in materials and workmanship. Damage to lenses, frames and other components due to traditional wear and tear are not covered under warranty. All warranty claims must be accompanied with a proof of purchase. 

Where a warranty claim is accepted, OTIS has the right to repair or replace at no cost to you. If not deemed to be a valid warranty, OTIS will offer a suitable replacement at a reasonable charge subject to availability.

What Isn't Covered Under Warranty?

Scratched and broken lenses are not covered under warranty. Mineral glass is the most scratch resistant lens material available, but it is not scratch proof. All OTIS lenses exceed the strictest Australian, USA, and European standards for quality and strength. However, mineral glass lenses can scratch or crack if not cared for properly.

For any further enquiries: sales@bondeyeoptical.co.uk